Semester Course Schedule - Fall 2021



International Course Schedule - Fall 2021


* Courses offered by the College of Architecture and Urban Planning


Period for Registration:  from 2021-08-27 09:00:00 to  2021-09-05 23:59:00


 Graduate students are NOT allowed to choose any courses from the undergraduate level!!


Students in Urban Planning or Landscaping are NOT allowed to choose Architecture Design Studio.  



Course Schedule :

International Course Schedule 2021 Fall online.pdf

[International Course Schedule 2021 Fall Online] Updates:

- Courses added 07/27:

1. 020374   (Undergraduate)  Art History  HU Wei

2. 2010324  The Relationship between the Culture and the Plastic Arts in China   HU Wei

- Course name revised 08/20:

1. 2010095  Studies of Human Inhabitation & Settlement Environment   LIU Binyi & SHAO Yuhan


- Courses added 08/24:
1. 2010281T   Frontier of Architecture: Machine and Environment     TAN Zheng

Courses added 08/31:
1. 020376    (Undergraduate)      City Reading        LIU Gang

- Design studios 08/31: 

1. 2010395A study of the high density development in metropolitan central areas     Every Friday. 13:30-16:30

2. 2010395Smart module as infrastructure        Every Wednesday. 15:30-19:00


- <Chinese Language and General Course Schedule for Dual Degree 2021 Fall Semester> 08/31  

Elementary Chinese       17:50-21:25   Every Tuesday


- Course canceled: 09/01

1. 20001630007   Review of the architectural and urban culture      LI Xiangning

Courses added 09/02:

1. 20001630006    The Making of Modern Cities       LI Yanbo

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**Courses offered by the International School of Tongji


For Dual Degree Students ONLY:  

Chinese Language and General Schedule.pdf