Tongji University is one of the first universities to include the discipline of Landscape Architecture in China. The Department of Landscape Study was named by the Ministry of Education in 2005. The predecessor was Landscape and Gardening was renamed as Landscape Science & Tourism after 1996. The Department offers program of landscape studies for bachelor degree, landscape planning and design for master degree and doctoral degree, and landscape architecture professional master degree. There are 60 undergraduates, 90 postgraduates and 10 doctoral students enrolled each year.

With a history of 48 years and the cooperation from the architecture and urban planning professions of CAUP, the Landscape Study has developed an unique landscape architecture education system which is anchored by modern landscape studies and combines the disciplines of architecture, urban planning, agriculture and horticulture, geography and management.


The graduates are well equipped to practice and advance the profession of landscape architecture and are trained to fulfill careers in many fields of landscape architecture practice, such as landscape resources, environment andecological protection, landscape planning and design, urban design, tourism planning, and landscape construction and management.

Academic Staff

Currently, there are 22 faculty members in the Department of Landscape Study, including 7 professors, 6 associate professors, 9 lecturers, 1 honor professor, and 2 part-time professors.


  1. The programs cover three fields: 

  2. Landscape and resources, 

  3. Planning and design, 

  4. Engineer and technology.

The main courses are Theory of Landscape Planning and Design, Landscape Planning and Design Workshop, Study of Landscape Resources, Landscape Ecology, Theory of National Scenic Area and Historic Spots Planning, Architecture Design, History of Chinese and foreign Garden, Planning of Urban Green Space Systems, The Application of Garden Plants, Planting Design, Urban Planning, Landscape Architecture, and Gardening Engineering, etc.