For Courses:

(Students can only apply for adding and dropping  courses within the first two weeks of each semester)

Application for ADDING Courses.pdf

Application for DROPPING Courses.pdf

Thesis Proposal Template:

(only for Template )guide of Thesis Proposal and Working Plan for Master Degree.pdf

Thesis Proposal and Working Plan for Master Degree.doc

Mid-Term Evaluation:

2022-Mid -Term Evaluation Form.doc

Thesis format:

Architecture_Formality of master thesis_Dual degree (trial).doc

Landscape Architecture_Formality of master thesis_Dual degree (trial).doc

Town and Country Planning_Formality of master thesis_Dual degree (trial).doc

Blind Review:

Instruction - Comments for Submission of Anonymous Proof.pdf

Landscape Planning_Comments for Anonymous Proof.docx

Architecture_Comments for Submission of Anonymous Proof.docx

Town and Country Planning_Comments for Anonymous Proof.pdf

Application Form for Master Degree:

2022-(form example) Application Form for Master’s Degree.pdf

2022 Application Form for Master’s Degree.doc

Academic integrity:

The Evaluation Form of Paper writing and academic norms.docx

For Internship:

Internship Application Form

Internship Regulation for International students of Tongji University

Company's Seal

For Study Period:

Application Form for Dropping Out of School

Application Form for Extension of Study Period.pdf

For Dual Master Students Only:

Application For Changing Thesis Topic

Application Form for Change of Supervisor(s)

Performance control sheet for Outgoing students (For Tongji Students Only)