Dear students, 

Welcome to College of Architecture and Urban Planning, Tongji University.

As  the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread across the world, on-site  registration is not available for our international students who are now  outside the Chinese mainland. To help prepare your academic life at  Tongji, please read the following information carefully.

Course Registration:

Please pay  attention to the course schedule updated on the website, make sure to  register courses at CAUP course registration platform on time. 


Academic Calendar

Fall Semester

September 2021

6            Monday                        Official start of FallSemester

18           Saturday                       Regular school day (Please follow Monday’s class schedule )

19-21      Sunday- Tuesday           Mid-Autumn Festival

26           Sunday                         Regular school day (Please follow Wednesday’s class schedule)

October 2021

1-7         Friday- Thursday           National Day

9            Saturday                       Regular school day (Please follow Thursday’s class schedule)

January 2022

3-7         Monday- Friday            Final Exams

10-14      Monday- Friday            Final Exams

14           Friday                          Official end of Fall Semester

Febuary 2022

21           Monday                        Official start of SpringSemester

National Holidays