Semester Course Schedule - Fall 2017


Please note there are some updates to the courses:

1.       2010365 Advanced Debate on Theory, history and methodology of digital architecture, starts from Sep 26. Tuesday, time and classroom is still the same

2.       2010259 Landscape Theory, the first 2 weeks will be at classroom B108, starting from the third week, the classroom will be changed to B314

3.       2010347 Urban public open space design studio---CANCELLED

4.       2010306 urban society, space and planning—changed to every Thursday 15:30-17:05 at D2

5.     020306 mapping the city:morphology, image and history- given my prof. Yao Dong.  The first class will still be on Sep. 22 Friday from 10:00 to11:35am at classroom B314, but it will just be a first meeting to answer questions. The course will be changed to every Tuesday afterwards which means starting from Sep 26, Tuesday, 10:00-11:35am, at D3. 

6. 2010235 Principle and Methods of Landscape Ecological Planning" by prof. Wang Yuncai has been cancelled for the whole semester (Sep.21)

CAUP Course Schedule_Fall 2017-updated on Sep 21

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