Semester Course Schedule - Fall 2020


International Course Offer 2020 Fall

* Courses offered by the College of Architecture and Urban Planning


 Graduate students are NOT allowed to choose any courses from the undergraduate level!!


Students in Urban Planning or Landscaping are NOT allowed to choose Architecture Design Studio.  


Course Schedule :

International Course Schedule_Fall 2020 updated on Sep.15.pdf



1. Cancelled course: 020523 Public Housing-Issues of Housing Design and Research (undergraduate level)

2. Cancelled course: 2010044 Urban Design: Emergence Evolution and New Topics (graduate level) 

3. Time change: 2010033 Principles of Architectural Design (changed to Monday 7:00-8:35pm,the 1st class is on Sep.21)  



1. Cancelled course: 020410 Digital Heritage Landscape (undergraduate level)

2. Cancelled course: 020541 Ecology and Culture (undergraduate level) 





**Courses offered by the International School of Tongji

For Dual Degree Students ONLY:

Voov info added Chinese Language Class and Chinese History & Culture Course Schedule for Dual Degree 2020 Fall Semester.pdf


Updated on Sep.11: 

"Chinese Language Class":

- Course Introduction Meeting (this is not compulsory):

  Tuesday Sep.15 & Friday Sep.18, 10:00-11:35am (Beijing Time)  

- The first class is on Tuesday Sep.22, 5:50-9:25pm(Beijing Time)-COMPULSORY!!!

- This course is scheduled on every Tuesday 5:50-9:25pm(Beijing Time)