Semester Course Schedule - Spring 2020


International Course Offer 2020 Spring

* Courses offered by the College of Architecture and Urban Planning

1st Round Registration (for returning students): From 2020-01-11 09:00:00  To 2020-01-13 16:00:00

2nd Round Registration: From 2020-02-13 09:00:00   To2020-02-20 05:00:00  

PLEASE NOTE: Any changes to your course selection shall be made within the above period, afterwards

no changes are allowed.

1. Course Schedule: International Course Schedule 2020 Spring online.pdf

2. ZOOM Platform Instructions of ZOOM Platform-student manual.pdf

NEW!!! Course schedule update as of 2020.2.26

Thesis Proposal and Writing Methods  has been changed to 1:30-3:05pm every Thursday

Urban Transportation has been changed to 3:30-5:05pm every Wednesday

2010016 Urban Housing Forms by Prof. Zhou Jingmin is from 8:00-11:35am every Thursday (1-9th week)

Cancelled Courses as of 2020.2.19
1. Chinese Traditional Architecture
2. Batik and Tie-dye-fabric Art Design
3. Tradition-Based Contemporary Expression:Brick & Wood Carving
4. Landscape Planning and Design 2 

5. Sculpture

**The course schedule is subject to change, please check back for updates.

3. Chinese History and Culture (Understanding China)---for Double Degree Students ONLY

Instruction of Tangfeng APP for Chinese History and Culture (Understanding China).pdf