Extension of Study Period --for Non-Degree Exchange Students ONLY


Required documents checklist to apply for extension of study period:

1. Application Form for Extension of Study Period enclosed with Motivation Letter.

Application Form for Extension of Study Period.pdf

        ***Your home university is required to give comment, sign and seal on the form.

        ***The enclosed motivation letter has to be well prepared to explain the reason why you want to do the extension. Any reasons such as internship, travelling will be declined.

2. Copy of passport

3. Copy of valid visa page


Please NOTE: Please submit both physical and digitalcopies of the above documents to International Office at B122. Please make sure to combine all documents into ONE PDF file.


DEADLINE:Friday 11:00am, November 15, 2019. (After the deadline, NO application forms will be accepted.) After we collect everybody’s application forms, we will submit them to the university.