Department of Architecture


The Department of Architecture, the predecessor of the College of Architecture and Urban Planning, is one of the strongest disciplines of Tongji University since the restructuring of the university system of China in 1952. It becamea separate department when the College of Architecture and Urban Planning was established in 1986. It is the first department in China to provide a master program (1956) and doctoral program (1981) of architecture. The first post-doctoral research center was also founded here (1988). The Department of Architecture was the first group to pass the National Architecture Education Accreditation. In 2003, the Department set up the first bachelor degree program of Historical Building Protection Engineering in the country.

Both master and doctoral programs have three research directions: architectural design and theories, program in Conservation of Historic Architecture, and building technology. The Department is also a member of the Cheung Kong Scholar Program.


With the rational spirit of modern architecture as its prototype, the diversity and flexibility in academic orientation, the emphasis on the interaction between contemporary building technology and culture, the pursuit of the world’s latest development in the field, and the integration of discipline predominance with regional advantages, the Department of Architecture, respecting diverse student aptitude and encouraging originality and innovation, aims attraining not only high-level professional architects being capable of addressing multiple challenges in practice with adequate basic skills and broad vision, but also future leaders and pioneers in the field.

Academic Staff

The teaching group of the Department of Architecture consists of 121 full time teachers, including one member of Chinese Academy of Science and one member of Chinese Academy of Engineering, 24 professors, 24 doctor advisors and 55 associate professors and 4 part-time doctor advisors. The Department also has one member of l’Académie D’Architecture de France and four Honorary Fellows of American Institute of Architecture (HFAIA). The Department enjoys close academic cooperation with a number of overseas renowned schools and departments of architecture. Many world famous architects, such as I. M. Pei and Kishi Kurokawa are invited to be the honorary professors of the Department.


Teaching teams, including Elementary Training Program of Architecture, Methodology of Architecture Design, History and Theories of Architecture, Public Building Design, Interior and Exterior Environment Design, Building Technology, and Urban Renewal and Design, are organized on the basis of strong teaching resources.

The core courses include the following: An Introduction to Architecture, Elementary Architectural Design, Principles of Architectural Design, Principles of Urban Planning, Principles of Urban Design, Principles of Interior Design, Principles of Landscape Architecture, program in Conservation of Historic Architecture, Fine Arts, Building Structure, Building Construction, Building Equipments, Building Regulations, and Architectural English.