Teaching Organizations

Ø  Department of Architecture

Ø  Department of Urban Planning

Ø  Department of Landscape Architecture

Ø   Built Environment Technology Center

Teaching Center and Labs

Ø  Key Laboartory of Ecology and Energy Saving Study of Dense Habitat, Ministry of Education

Ø   Shanghai Key Laboratory of Urban Renewal and Space Optimization Technology

Ø  National Demonstration Center for Experimental Architecture, Urban Planning, Landscape Architecture Education

Ø  National Center for Virtual Experimental Architecture, Urban PlanningLandscape Architecture Education

Ø  Student Creative Basis Network

Ø  Leadership Training Center Of Urban-Rural Development of Tongji University-Ministry Of Housing And Urban-Rural Development(MOHURD)

Ø  Information Center (College Library, College Achieves Centre, College Museum

Research Organizations

Ø  Shanghai Tongji Urban Planning and Design Institute Co.,Ltd

Ø  Tongji Architectural Design (Group) Co., Ltd. Urban Architectural Design Institute (TJUADI)

Ø  China Intelligent Urbanization Co-Creation Center for High Density Region

Ø  Institute of Urban Planning & Architecture

Ø  Academy of Urban Strategy and Management

Ø  Institute of High-tech Building Technology

Ø  Urban Development Acrossing the Straits Center

Ø  National Historic Cities Research Center

Ø  Institute of Architecture & Urban Space

Ø  Institute of Landscape Studies

Ø  Shanghai Urbanization Development and Research Center

Ø  Joint Research Center of Ecology and Energy-Saving of Human Habitat

Ø  Research Center of Urban-Rural Historic Environment Regeneration

Ø  Spatial Performance Optimization Technology of Metropolitan High-Density Space—Shanghai University Engineering Research Center

Ø  School of Imperial Palace (Shanghai)

Ø  International Institute of Mega City Fine Management

Ø  School of Rural Revitalization (Huangyan)

International Organizations

Ø  World Heitage Institute of Training and Research for the Asia and Pacific Region Under the Auspices of Unesco, Shanghai Center

Ø  ADB-Tongji Urban Knowledge Hub

Ø  Web-Site of Global Planning Education Association Network

Ø  Web-Site of World Education, IFLA

Ø  Web-Site of EENAP (Eco-Environment Network in Asia and Pacific)

Ø  Web-Site of African Association Planning Schools (AAPS)

Ø  Joint Laboratory of Ecological Urban Design

Ø  Talent Base for Future City and Architectural Innovation

Ø  Sino-British Sustainable Development Research Center

Ø  CTBUH Asia Headquarters Office


Ø  Journal of Urban Planning Forum

Ø  Journal of Time + Architecture

Ø  Heritage Architecture

Ø  Built Heritage


Ø  College Administration Office

Ø  College International Office

Ø  Office of Teaching Affairs

Ø  Office of Students and Alumni Administration