《Architecture China(建筑中国)》是一本以英语在纽约和伦敦发行的国际刊物,创办于2018年。它以推广中国当代建筑与建筑师为核心内容,分为建筑作品、评论、奖项评选、时事新闻等栏目,目前为半年刊。同济大学建筑与城市规划学院院长、教授李翔宁担任《Architecture China》期刊的总主编,江嘉玮助理教授、莫万莉助理教授担任执行编辑。自从创办以来,该刊先后以文化建筑、建筑师书房、与传统对话、自然建造奖专刊等主题来组稿,推广了上百个优秀中国当代建筑案例。《Architecture China》期刊与Images出版集团合作进行国际出版、发行。

Architecture China, founded in 2018, is an international journal published in English in New York and London. It takes the promotion of Chinese contemporary architecture and architects as a focus, and is divided into sessions such as works, reviews, award selections, and news. It is currently published semi-annually. Professor Li Xiangning, dean and professor of the College of Architecture and Urban Planning at Tongji University, serves as the editor-in-chief Assistant professors Jiang Jiawei and Mo Wanli serve as executive editors. Since its establishment, the journal has organized essays on themes such as cultural architecture, architects' ateliers, dialogue with traditions, and a special issue of the Award of Natural Build, and has promoted hundreds of outstanding built projects of contemporary architectural in China. Architecture China journal collaborates with the Images Publishing Group for international publishing and distribution.