The College of Architecture and Urban Planning (CAUP) of Tongji University was founded in 1952. With its philosophy of being inclusive and absorptive, CAUP has determined the traits of academic democracy, innovation, practice oriented, diversity and openness. CAUP offers a broad range of academic programs with complete teaching and research framework.

CAUP has three departments and one center, namely the Department of Architecture, the Department of Urban Planning, the Department of Landscape Architecture and the Built Environment Technology Center. The three disciplines of Architecture, Urban Planning, and Landscape Architecture have entered the development list of the world-class disciplines.  CAUP is currently offering five undergraduate programs in architecture, urban and rural planning, landscape architecture, Conservation of Historic Architecture and urban design, three first-level doctoral programs in architecture, urban and rural planning, and landscape architecture. CAUP aims to train students to be well-rounded in terms of knowledge, ability and personality.