College library branch is the basic support platform of the subject construction and development. In all previous college leadership's high attention and active investment, the reference room set up when the collage was firstly established had ample space and funds, and grew quickly. 2004, at the first time after the completion of the renovation, library branch, located on the ground floor of MingChengLou, had 1000 square meters of space and more than 180 reading seats, thousands of collects and theses, more than 200 kinds of chinese and foreign journals. Until the end of 2010, the amount of reading seats had increased to 250, the quantity of collections had increased to 23000, including 12000 species of 15000 copies of Chinese books, and more than 4000 (kinds of) foreign books/books, as well as 3551 master's and doctoral dissertations. The subscribed foreign periodicals had grown from 200 to 330, an increase of more than half 2004, including 204 kinds of Chinese species, and 126 kinds of foreign species.

In the process of continuous construction and development, CAUP library branch has become not only the biggest library branch in Tongji University, also one of the best library among architecture colleges libraries in the country. The branch lbrary, occupied more than half area of the ground floor of MingChengLou, has rich resources and beautiful reading environment. It is available for up to 12 hours a day, six days a week. The library provides teachers and students with the service, such as reading, discussing, photocopying and scanning, and becomes the main place of daily learning, research, and recreation. The college library branch becomes indispensable spiritual home of CAUP teachers and students.