Dual Degree Program

University  of Pavia founded in year 1361. It`s one of the most important  historical universities in Europe, and has a long-term intercollegiate  partnership with Tongji University. There are more than 20 years  academic relationship between Department of Civil Engineering and  Architecture of Pavia University, and College of Architecture and Urban  Planning of Tongji University. We have established 16 times summer  school workshops in different years, twice Master Degree of Italian and  Chinese Curriculum, and the happening Dual Master Degree Program.  Moreover, there are a series of publications in academic fields during  all of the issues. In year 2012, we hold exhibition “From Research to  Design: Selected Architects from Tongji University” at Triennale di  Milano to introduce the education of Tongji Architecture and the  generation of young Chinese architects.

The  master students who once involved this program pass all the courses and  the final thesis defense, they will achieve the Master Degree of  Architecture from China and the Master Degree by EU approval. The  students after that could both work on architecture in China and in  European Union for Architecture and Civil Engineering jobs. 

The  study courses maintained both from architecture and civil engineering,  and scholarship from the dual master degree program considered the  students` academic and performance.

This  program initiated from Prof. Zheng Shiling and Prof. Angelo Bugatti.  The current Chinese director is Prof. Chen Yi and coordinated by  Associate Prof. Wang Kai. The Italian director is Prof. Roberto de  Lotto.


  • Tongji: https://caup.tongji.edu.cn/caupen/

  • Pavia: http://ingegneria.unipv.it/

Contact information:


  • Program director: Prof. CHEN Yi, Email: chenyitj@tongji.edu.cn 

  • Program coordinator: Prof. LIU Kan, Email: liukan@tongji.edu.cn

  • Administrative coordinator: LIU Shuxin, Email: caup@tongji.edu.cn


  • Program director: Prof. Roberto De Lotto, Email: roberto.delotto@unipv.it

  • Administrative coordinator: Caterina Pietra, Email: caterina.pietra@unipv.it