Dual Degree Program

The ENSA-V, National School of Architecture of Versailles, is a higher education state school under Ministry of Culture and Communication supervision (in charge of Architecture and Heritage). The ensa-v ranks among the 20 state schools that offers higher education in the field of architecture and enables its students to obtain their State Diploma in architecture at the close of a five-year course. Its primary goal is to train architects capable of exercising a range of professional practices and ready to accomplish new assignments in order to meet the ecological and sociological intricacies of the surrounding world.

Of the six schools in the Paris region, the ensa-v boasts a privileged geographic situation. Situated within the heart of Versailles, opposite the palace, the school is in the direct vicinity of the capital and its Mecca of culture but also close to the peripheral urban fabric, at the crossroads between urbanization and the rural world.

This location opens up a wide range of fields of investigation by offering hands-on access to existing urban sites as well as to sites undergoing extensive change or indeed even still entirely virgin. The school is located within the buildings listed on the historical register of the 'Petite écurie du Roy and the Maréchalerie' of the Château de Versailles estate. The 'Petite écurie' offers a multi-functional platform on the second floor, featuring project rooms, classrooms, a workshop, IT rooms and photo lab, amphitheaters and admin offices. The 1st floor features two big 350 m² workshops open to students of all years on a permanent basis. On the ground floor, a huge arched nave has been fitted out as the school library. 

This program opens to the students of Urban Planning major from Tongji University. Students of Tongji engaged in this program would have their second year of master course study abroad in Versailles (english course), inbetween which students of ENSAV spend two semester in Tongji University. Students would graduate with both a Masters of Architecture from Tongji University, and a Masters of Urban Design from ENSAV. ENSAV


Contact information:


  • Program director: ZHUO Jian, Email: jian.zhuo@tongji.edu.cn 

  • Program coordinator: YANG Chen, Email: yangchen@tongji.edu.cn 


  • Program director: Prof. Ingrid Taillandier, Email: taillandier@itar.fr

  • Program coordinator: Pascal Hamon, Email: pascal.hamon@versailles.archi.fr