Dual Degree Program

Tongji-TU Vienna Dual Degree program has been initiated since 2012. Each year 5 students from both universities, majoring in Architecture, are to be recruited for this program. They have to submit their CV to faculty as well as pass the qualification process of their home university.  

The study program must be carried out within 3 years, in which students spend their first year and third year in home university, and their second year in the other university. The study program is composed of course credits from both Universities and a diploma work in form of a theory-based thesis or a design supervised by tutor professors from both side. 

After their study program is successfully completed, students are to be granted master degree from both universities.


  • Tongji: https://caup.tongji.edu.cn/caupen/

  • TU Vienna: For Architecture: http://ar.tuwien.ac.at/  For Planning:http://boden.tuwien.ac.at/  

Contact information:


  • Program director: Prof. SUN Tongyu, Email: sty@tongji.edu.cn 

  • Program coordinator(Architecture): Prof. XU Kai, Email: xukai@tongji.edu.cn

  • Program coordinator(Urban Planning): Prof. ZHAO Wei, Email: zwunion@tongji.edu.cn

TU Vienna:

  • Program director(Architecture): Prof. Mladen Jadric, Email: JADRIC@h1arch.tuwien.ac.at

  • Program director(Urban Planning): Prof.Kurt Weninger, Email: kurt.weninger@tuwien.ac.at 

  • Administrative coordinator: Angelika Schweighart, Email: Angelika.schweighart@tuwien.ac.at