LIU Binyi


Landscape Science Research Institute, Tongji University


  • Honorary member of AmericanSociety of Landscape Architects (Hon. ASLA)

  • Coordinator and member of Landscape Architecture Discipline Review of National Academic Degree Office of the State Council, China

  • Group Commissioner of Education Steering Committee of Professional Master of Landscape Architecture of National Academic Degree Office of the State Council, China

  • Member of Landscape Architecture Expert Committee of Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Construction (MHRUC) of the People's Republic of China

  • Vice Chairman of Higher Education Institutions Landscape Architecture Profession Steering Committee, China

  • Vice president of Shanghai Society of Landscape Architecture, China

  • Ph.D., Landscape Architecture, Tongji University, China

  • Post-doctoral Researcher, Landscape Environment Planning and GIS Application, Virginia Tech, USA

  • Founding dean of Department of Landscape Architecture, College of Architecture and Urban Planning, Tongji University

Research Interests

  • Basic theories, mechanism and principle of landscape space visualaesthetic perception (landscape space psychology, information, behavior, visualperception and reaction, etc.). Basic trialism theories of background, activities and construction of human settlement, inhabitation andtravel environment studies. Theories, methodology and technique of the construction of regional urban and rural green space system (Efficiency increase of green space, Ecological space network layout of greenway and waterway, etc.). Theories, methodology and technique of microclimate responsive landscape planning and design.

  • Methodology of planning and design, construction and operation of the regional, urban and rural tourism.

Current Positions

  • Prof. and Ph.D. CandidateSupervisor, Chairman of Landscape Architecture Discipline Committee and Director of



  • The Principle of Landscape Planning and Design (National Essence and Share Course)

  • Introduction of Landscape Architecture

  • Landscape planning and design for the graduation

Post-graduateand Ph.D. candidate courses:

  • Studies of Human Settlement, Inhabitation and Travel Environment

  • Theories of Landscape Architecture

  • Landscape Planning and Design