Urban Planning


Associate Professor


  • Assistant Head in Urban Planning Department, Tongji University (2012 - present)

  • Secretary General, Small Towns Planning Academic Board of Chinese Urban Planning Society, 2016-present.

  • Vice Head, Small Towns and Rural Planning Department, shanghai Planning Bureau (2015-2016)

Research fields

  • Urbanization, Urban policy, Rural resilience, Small Towns Planning


  • English and Mandarin

Education and Career

  • Vice Head of Town and Countryside Development Division of Shanghai Planning and Land Administration Bureau, 2015-2016.

  • Associate Professor, Tongji University, from July 2014 to present

  • Lecturer, Tongji University, from July 2010 to 2013

  • 2008.3-2009.3: visiting student, Melbourne University, Australia

  • 2005.9-2010.5:  Ph.D  in urban planning, Tongji University, China

  • 2002.9-2005.6:  MA in urban planning, Tongji University, China

  • 1997.9-2002.6:  BA in urban planning, Tongji University, China


  • Urbanization Theories and Research Methodology, Graduated Students

  • Graduation Design Studio, Ungraduated Students

  • Comprehensive Planning Studio, Ungraduated Students

Research Awards

  1. One Month Writing Residency in Italy, Awarded by the Rockefeller Foundation of USA, 2015

  2. Excellent Paper Prize of Chinese Rural Planning Conference, Awarded by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-rural Development, 2014

  3. The best 10 young planners in Shanghai Municipality, Awarded by Urban Planning Society of Shanghai, 2013

  4. Excellent Paper Prize of Chinese Urban Planning Education, awarded by National Steering Committee of Urban and Rural Planning Education in China, 2013

  5. National Excellent Urban Planning Awards, Third Prize, 2013

  6. National Nominated Top 100 Excellent Ph.D Dissertation, Awarded by State Council of China, 2012

  7. National Urban Planning Excellent Research Article Awards, Third Prize, Awarded by Urban Planning Society of China, 2011

  8. National Urban Planning Excellent Research Article Awards, Good-work Prize, Awarded by Urban Planning Society of China, 2010

  9. National Yong Planners Research Article Competition, First Prize, Awarded by Urban Planning Society of China, 2009

Granted Research Projects

  1. Zhang Li, PI, Study on the Disparities of Rural Human Settlements in China, Granted by the National Ministry of Housing and Urban & Rural Construction, 2015.

  2. Zhang Li, PI, Study on Evolution Mechanism of Rural Space in China, Granted by the National Ministry of Housing and Urban & Rural Construction, 2015.

  3. Zhang Li, PI, Study on Chinese rural migration and countryside’s livability, Granted by the National Ministry of Housing and Urban & Rural Construction, 2015.

  4. Zhang Li, PI (China), Social space of folk villages in Korea and China based on the Analysis of community and space cognition,Granted by Korean national Social Science Foundation, 2014-2017

  5. Zhang Li, PI, The study on the small towns' development pattern and mechanism among regions with net population flowing out in the urbanizing transitional phase, Granted by National Science Foundation of China, 2013-2015

  6. Zhang Li, Chief researcher, Central Uprising Strategy and Megalapolis Development in the middle Changjiang River, Granted by Chinese Modern Urban Research Center of National Ministry of Education, 2011-2014

  7. Zhang Li, Chief researcher, The Optimizing Technologies and Criterion Study for Rural Areas Intensive Development, Granted by National Ministry of Science & Technology,2012~2015

  8. Zhang Li, Chief researcher, urbanization and Megalopolis study on Shanghai and Yongtgz River Delta,Granted by Shanghai Urban Planning Academic Committee, 2013-2014

Selected Ten Publications in peer reviewed Journals and books

  1. Zhang, Li., Richard, Legates., and Min, Zhao. Understanding Chinese Urbanization: A Great Demographic, Spatial, Economic and Social Transformation. Edward Elgar Press, 2016.5 (Book in English)

  2. Zhang Li and He Lian, The Review and Extended Discussion on the Implementation of Plan for Villages Consolidation from the views of villagers and government, City Planning Review,2017,(2),(in Chinese) (CSSCI Journal)(forthcoming)

  3. Zhang Li and Zhao Min, Roles of Rural Towns in China’s Rapid Urbanization: Case Study of Hubei Province, in “Wong, T. C., Han, S. S., and Zhang, H. (Eds.). Population Mobility, Urban Planning and Management in China. Cham: Springer International Publishing, 2016. (in English)

  4. Zhang, Li., and Sunsheng Han, Regional Disparities in China’s Urbanisation: An Examination of Trends 1982 – 2007,International Development Planning Review, 2009,31(4):355-376 (in English) (SSCI Journal)

  5. Zhang, Li., Chen, Chen., and Zhenyu, Liu. An Application of Scenario Planning Method in the Urbanization Research for a Large Region —Based on the Labour Supply and Demand Model, City Planning Review,2013,(6),31-37(in Chinese) (CSSCI Journal)

  6. Zhang, Li., and Min, Zhao. The Discussion on the topics of urban-rural coordination for deducing peri-urbanization paradox, International city planning review, 2013,03:47. (in Chinese) (CSSCI Journal)

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