Urban Planning





  • Bachelor of Engineering (Urban Planning), Tongji University, 1993;

  • Master of Architecture, Tongji University, 1996;

  • PhD of Urban Planning, Tongji University, 2004.


  1. Coordinator of Collaboration Project between UN-Habitat and Tongji University since 2011.

  2. National Registered Planner since 2000.

  3. Member of the Architectural Society of Shanghai China, since 2015.

  4. Member of Professional Committee of Urban Sociological Association, Chinese Sociological Association, since 2014.

  5. Deputy-director of Municipal Bureau of Planning and Land Authority, Yangpu Division (Shanghai) (temporary position),2014-2015.

  6. Column editor of journal Urban Planning Forum(China),2007-2014.

  7. Visiting Scholar at Queensland University of Technology (QUT), Australia, Aug.- Nov., 2012

  8. Visiting Scholar at UCSD, USA, Jul. – Oct., 2009.

  9. Visiting Scholar at Universität Stuttgart, Germany, 2007;

  10. Visiting Fellow at TU-Berlin, Germany, Jun.-Aug., 2003.


  • Graduate/Spring/Urban Society, Space and Planning

  • Year 3/Spring/Undergraduate/Principles of Rural Planning

  • Year 2/Spring/Undergraduate/Principles of Urban Planning A

  • Year 4/5/ Spring/Undergraduate/Graduation Design

  • Year 4/Spring/Undergraduate/Urban Design

  • Year 3/Spring/Undergraduate/Residential Districts Planning

  • Year 3/Fall/Undergraduate/Community Center Design

Research Interests

  • Housing research, community planning, urban sociology, urban renewal, rural planning, gender and environmental issues in planning

Recent Research

  • Research on Planning Control and Remediation of Slow-motion Technology Disasters in Urban Areas,Sponsored by National Natural Scientific Foundation.

  • Research on Strategies to Accelerate the Construction of New Cities in Shanghai during the Period of the Twelfth Five-Year-Plan,Sponsored by Shanhgai Planning Office of Philosophy and Social Science.

  • Research on Guidelines for Planning of Large-scale Communities in Shanghai, Sponsored by Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Planning and Land Resources.

  • Research on Conservation Planning of Zhang’s Garden Area, Sponsored by Municipal Bureau of Planning and Land Authority, Jing’an Division (Shanghai).


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