ZHU Xiaoming



Room 404, Building C, CAUP, Tongji Univ.

ArcResearch Fields

  • Architectural Heritage Conservation and developmenthitectural Design and Theory

Research Profile

  • Dr. Xiaoming Zhu has been working in the field of architecture conservation theory and practice since 1996, mainly there are four fields: (1) Chinese vernacular villages and timber building's conservation and renewal method. (2) Conservation theory and policy in European countries basing on Britain. (3) Modern building's construction and ordinary living space in Shanghai including historic districts. (4) Industrial Heritage conservation and renovation in China. Dr. Zhu pays much attention on small villages, small alleys, small linong buildings and small potatoes. In fact, it is in another perspective way of researching historic environment. It is interesting and attractive in both China and also of the world. She is a visiting scholar in School of Built Environment University of Nottingham, UK. And a participant of ICWCT 2010 of a wooden course in Norway. She is a leader of international cooperation project in the field of historic buildings' renovation since 2010 with Union Rempart France.

  • Dr. Zhu is now leading a research group on the topic "Historical Research and Conservation of Modern Collieries Industrial Heritage during China's Transformation" supported by The National Natural Science Funds China (2015-2019).

Current Courses

  • Architecture Design (First year, Second year and Graduation design)

  • Historic District Survey

  • Contemporary Heritage Conservation in Britain Today

Grands and Awards

  • China Great Canal Conservation and Study, ISOCARP Award for Excellence 2009


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