YAN Chao

Assistant Professor

Room 402, Building C, CAUP, Tongji Univ.

Research Fields

  • Agent-based Computational Design, Behavioral Performance, Modular Fabrication

Research Profile

  • YAN Chao received his Bachelor of Architecture from Harbin Institute of Technology and Master of Architecture from Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc), and later completed a PhD at Tongji University. Previously he was a visiting lecturer at China Academy of Art from 2014 to 2018, a postdoctoral researcher at Tongji University from 2019 to 2021 (winner of Shanghai Excellent Postdoctoral Researcher Program), and a visiting scholar at University of Virginia in 2019. His research focuses on agent-based system and embodied behavioral performance within the context of digital design and fabrication. He published more than 30 papers and 6 books; participated in Venice Architecture Biennale, Shenzhen/Hong Kong Bi-City Biennale, Shanghai Urban Space Art Season, Shanghai Biennale, and many other exhibitions at home and abroad. As a member of the DigitalFUTURES Organizing Committee, he has been organizing workshops, conferences, exhibitions, and publications over the years.

Grants and Awards

  • Shanghai Excellent Postdoctoral Researcher Program, 2019-2021

  • “Research on Digital Design and Construction Techniques based on Traditional Material”, NSFC China General Program, 2016-2018 (PI: Philip F. Yuan)

  • “Research Center on Digital Construction Technology”, Science and Technology Commission of Shanghai Municipality (PI: Philip F. Yuan)

  • “Research and Demonstration of the Intelligent Robotic Construction System for Building Engineering”, Science and Technology Commission of Shanghai Municipality, 2018-2020 (PI: Philip F. Yuan)

Current Courses

  • Advanced Debates on Theory, History and Methodology of the Digital in Architecture (seminar)

  • Digital Design Frontiers (seminar)

  • Introduction to the Digital in Architecture (seminar)

  • Design Fundamentals II (Design Studio)

  • Design Fundamentals III (Design Studio)

  • Thematic Design Studio II (Design Studio)

  • DigitalFUTURE Summer Workshop (workshop)


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  2. Digital Nature: Decoding Zhang Zhoujie Digital Lab (Tongji University Press, 2019)

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