Research Fields

  • Environmental Public Art, Painting

Research Profile

  • Participate in《The Ninth National Art Exhibition》, 《The Tenth National Art Exhibition》, 《The First Chinese Mural Exhibition》, 《The First Chinese landscape Oil Painting Exhibition》, 《The Third Chinese Oil Painting Exhibition》and etc.

  • Works are included in 《Chinese Modern Art Collection》, 《Chinese Mural Centuries》 , 《The Ninth National Art Exhibition》, 《The Tenth National Mural Exhibition》, 《Contemporary Chinese Urban Sculpture·Architectural Mural》and etc.

  • Participate in or lead Shanghai People's Heroes Monument, Zhongshan Warship Monument, Shanghai Underground Series Mural, The Banqueting House of Great Hall of the people in Beijing, Central United Front Work, the United Front Work Department, Central Organization Department  and other series of Environmental decoration design.

Current Courses

Undergraduate courses:

  • Plastic Art-1, 2, 3

  • Art Practice- "Sketch",  "Color"

  • Art Workshop- "Brick Carving· Wood Carving: Tradition-Based Contemporary Creation", "Printing Art", "Installation Art", "Pottery Art" etc.

postgraduate courses:

  • "Environment Design", "Oil Painting", "Art Pottery"

Grands and Awards

  • The Ninth National Art Exhibition-Bronze Award

  • The First Chinese Mural Exhibition-Excellent Award

  • "Art Pottery" award for the National General Education Course, Tongji University Top-Quality Course.


  1. 《Create and Practice-Art Form》, 《On the Way-2011 Europe Painting》etc.

  2. 《Creative Thinking· Multiple Modes· Cultural Connotations-Contemporary Architecture Art Education Research and Practice》etc.