YE Hai

Associate Professor


Room 109, Building A, CAUP, Tongji Univ.

Research Fields

  • Green building technology, building energy conservation

Research Profile

  • YE Hai teaches at Tongji University since January 2000, currently associate professor in architectural science of technology (since 2006). His research area is in green building technologies, and sustainable design in the built environment. Specific research topics include PCMs application in building envelope, indoor thermal environment, and energy efficiency of building equipment. He is a founding director of Tongji Green Building Council and is a key member of laboratory center of green building. He is a member of Shanghai institute for science and technology of buildings and his work has been supported by grants from the opening foundation of key laboratory of ecology and energy saving study of dense habitat (ministry of education) and so on. YE Hai received his M.E from Harbin University of Architecture, and Ph.D. from Tongji University.

Current Courses

  • building services and equipment

  • fundamental of building technology


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