Associate Professor


C217, College of Architecture and Urban Planning

Research Fields

  • Theory and methodology of urban design

  • Urban history and morphology

  • Ecological urbanism

Research Profile

  • Wang Yi is Associate Professor of Architecture and Urban Design and Deputy Director of Architecture Department at College of Architecture and Urban Planning, Tongji University. He is also Co-director of Sino-Us Ecological Urban Design Joint Lab co-founded by Tongji and Georgia Tech. He received his academic degrees from Tongji University (B. Arch, M. Arch, Ph.D.). Wang Yi’s teaching and research field is architecture and urbanism, focusing on urban history and morphology, ecological urbanism and urban design methodology. His practice as an architect and urban designer mainly concerns urban regeneration and public space making. His research writings and design works have been widely published. He has worked as tutor or jury member in numerous international urban design workshops. He has been the DAAD scholar and taught master degree course on contemporary Chinese urbanism at TU Berlin in 2006. He also did research and taught as a visiting scholar at Massachusetts Institute of Technology from 2010 to 2011.

Current Courses

  • Design studios (for undergraduates)

  • Design studios (for graduates)

  • Introduction to Urban Design (Lecture course for undergraduates)

  • Principle of Architecture Design (Lecture course for graduates)

  • Theory of Urban Morphology (Lecture course for graduates)

  • Architecture English (Lecture course for graduates)

Grands and Awards

  • Urban Planning Awards, Urban Planning Society of China

  • Architecture Design Award, Architectural Society of Shanghai

  • Urban Planning Awards, Shanghai Urban Planning Society

  • Architecture Design Award, Architectural Society of Shanghai

  • Excellent Project Award, Shanghai Exploration and Design Trade Association



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  2. An Introduction to Urban Design, China Architecture and Building Press, 2011

  3. Architectural English, China Architecture and Building Press, 2009


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