WANG Fangji



Room C312, College of Architecture and Urban Planning, Tongji University, Shanghai, China

Research Fields

  • Public Building Design, Urban Space Design, Mass Sport Space Design

Research Profile

  • Dr. Wang focuses on the research of public sports facilities and spaces which are closely related to "the daily needs of the resident”. Now he takes charge of one project supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China and one project supported by Tongji University.

Current Courses

  • Architectural Design, Grade 3

  • Chinese (Architure), Grade 1


  • Wang Hao (2012), A Brief Study on the Current Situation of the Outward Opening of University Ball Game Fields in Beijing: A Case Study in Tsinghua University, Urbanism and Architecture

  • Wang Hao (2011), A Brief Analysis of the Development Trend of Urban Sport for All Space in Contemporary Beijing, Urbanism and Architecture

  • Wang Hao (2011), Public Skating Space and Beijing City, Beijing Planning Review

  • Wang Hao (2010), Bird's Nest : A Sport for All Space, Beijing Planning Review