TIAN Weijia

Associate Professor

Siping Road 1239#,Shnaghai,China

Research Fields

  • Campus/Complex Planning & Design,Architectural Programming,Urban Design Facing to aging society

Research Profile

  • Campus/Complex Integrate Design answer to Chinese Culture.

  • Architectural Programming base on Group-decision

  • Urban Design Facing to aging society-Shanghai worker’s village as example.

Current Courses

  • Graduate Architectural Design Course 2-Join Studio-Urban Design Facing to Aging Society.

  • Under-Graduate/Graduate Course-Architectural Programming

  • Under-Graduate Course- Architectural Design Course

Grands and Awards

  • 11.12  Papers Award, ‘Architectural Programming Group-Decision Making for complex projects’ Architectural Society of China 2012 Casting Congress

  • 6.06   Second Award,The 10th Guangdong Province Best Project Design(Campus type), Guangdong Architecture Institute,Public teaching buidings of SCUT Guangzhou University city

  • 6.05   Second Award,2005 Guangdong Province Best Urban Planning Project(Urban planning type),Guangdong Architecture Institute, Group 2 Detail planning of Guangzhou University city

  • 6.05   Co-Instructor students win The 4th undergraduate students’s Design works competition of national Architecture Universities.

  • 5.03   Competition winner, Group 2 planning of Guangzhou University city

  • 10.01   Competition winner, XianLin Campus planning of Nanjing University of Posts & Telecommunications

  • 1.01    Competition winner, New Campus planning of ZheJiang University

  • 5.99    Competition winner, New Campus planning of ShunDe Institute of techenolegy


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In Print-Papers

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