TAN Zheng

Associate Professor

CAUP, Room C302, Tongji University, Shanghai, China

Research Fields

  • Urban Design, Architectural and Urban Theory

Research Profile

  • New Urbanism and Transit-oriented Development

  • Contemporary Theory in Architecture and Urbanism

  • Design Methodology

Grands and Awards

  • “A Study on the Topological Structure of Community Retail Networks” Sponsored by Shanghai Pujiang Talent Program (PI), 2016-2018

Current Courses

  • Design Studios in Urbanism

  • Lecture Series of Architectural Frontier


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  2. Tan, Z. & Xue, C . “The Evolution of an Urban Vision: The Multilevel Pedestrian Networks in Hong Kong, 1965-1997,”Journal of Urban History, Feb 2, 2015.

  3. Tan, Z. & Xue, C . “Walking as a Planned Activity: Elevated Pedestrian Network and Urban Design Regulation in Hong Kong.” Journal of Urban Design, 2014, Vol 19, No.5, 722-744.