SONG Dexuan


Room 108, Building A, CAUP, Tongji Univ.

Research Fields

  • Ecological and Energy-efficient Buildings, Building Environment Control

Research Profile

  • Professor SONG works on Ecological and energy-efficient buildings& Building environment control for many years ,used to be a visiting scholar in HK University for several times and reviewed and gave lectures in USA,Canada,Japan and Europe and has given keynote speeches in many academic meetings.He has directed 3 major research topics of “the 11th/ 12thFive-Year Plan”projects,2 NSFC projects and several provincial research projects.2 academic monograph and more than 30 academic papers of his has been published.

Grands and Awards

  1. The national 12th Five-Year Plan science and technology support program: The key efficiency technology research on urban agglomeration in High density space.

  2. The national 11th Five-Year Plan science and technology support program: Research on building energy -efficiency and design technology in different geographical features residential

  3. The national 11th Five-Year Plan science and technology support program: Research on the sustainable regeneration environment control technology of historical buildings

  4. National Natural Science Foundation of China program: Research on Shanghai eco high-rise residential building design integrated with solar energy utilization(Project grant No.50478101),Project Leader

  5. National Natural Science Foundation of China program:Comparative Study on the environmental control strategy and method of ecology of residential building between Shanghai&Hong kong,(Project grant No.59978031),Project Leader

  6. Project supported by the natural science fund of Shanghai : Study on the Energy-saving building passive control principle and coordination,(Project grant No.01ZF14068),Project Leader

  7. Major project of Shanghai City Project Construction Committee:Research on Shanghai high-rise building energy saving technology,classified leader of architecture.

  8. National Natural Science Foundation of China program:Research on key technology for digital effect of water environment on the construction of the space environment,(Project grant No.51378365),second Project Leader

Current Courses

Undergraduate courses:

  • Architecural Physics(heat)

  • Building environment control

Graduate course:

  • Energy-saving building and ecological design


Published monograph :

Building environment control

  1. Design and technologies of energy-saving Architecture

Main published papers:

  1. Urban residential ecological restoration strategy research,Housing Science,2011.03

  2. The existing industrial building environment transformation technology.industrial architecture,2010.06

  3. Discusses residential community layout for numerical simulation of wind environment impact,Housing Science,2012.06

  4. Architectural shading variety design research,Construction Science And Technology, 2012.05

  5. Low carbon community ecological greening landscape design research.The 8th international conference on green building and building energy conservation,2012.03

  6. In the residential area planning construction plane space combination and study of the relationship between the wind environment,Housing Science,2013.02

  7. The research of relationship between architectural space and wind environment in residential area, CAAD Futures 2013, p233-244(EI),Second Author.

  8. The Interpretation of Norman Foster's Architectural Design Conception, 3rd International Conference on Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development, 2013.11(EI),Second Author.