SHA Yongjie


CAUP, Tongji University

Research Fields

  • Urban Planning and Design

Research Profile

  • Sha Yongjie’s research and practice focus on regeneration of Chinese city under current urbanization background and based on Asian urbanism study. Sha teaches urban design studio and seminar course at university, meanwhile closely works with city authorities consulting on urban plan issues and urban renewal projects in China. Sha is Deputy Director of the Institute of Architecture and Urban Space, Tongji University, a member of Board of Urban Space and Urban Conservation, Shanghai Planning Committee since 2010, and has been on a joint appointment at School of Design and Environment, National University of Singapore.

Grants and Awards

  • The National Urban Planning Award, First Prize, China Urban Planning Association, 2014

  • The Shanghai Decision-Making Consultation Award (2010-2012), First Prize, Shanghai Municipality Government, 2013

  • The Shanghai Urban Planning Award, First Prize, Shanghai Urban Planning Association, 2013

  • The Shanghai Book Award (2009-2011), Second Prize, Shanghai Press & Publication Bureau, 2012

Current Courses

  • Design studio

  • Lecture course on Urban Design (English Course)


  • Sha Yongjie’s books include Designing the American City (2004), Shanghai Wukang Road: A Historical Approach to Urban Regeneration (2009), Towards A New Chinese Urbanity: Urban Design Concept of Shui On Land Developments (2010) and Shanghai Urbanism at the Medium Scale (2014, by Springer)