RUAN zhong

Associate Professor

Room 310, Building C, CAUP, Tongji Univ.

Research Fields

  • Architecture & interior Design, Architectural Painting

Research Profile

  • Ruan Zhong is an Architect and Painter. The Main courses he teaches include architecture design, interior design and architecture & environment perspective.

  • During those years, he not only published articles in professional journals, but also wrote several books such as "Architectural Painting Principles and creation" (the second prize in the 13th East China Science and Technology outstanding scientific books prize ), "the Interior Perspective Art in Transparent Watercolor ", "Teaching Materials about Colleges of Art and Design in 21st  century - Interior Design " and " Methods and Examples of Composite Architectural Painting". In 2008 he won the "Best Instructor Award" in the 6th China Environment Art Design Annual Awards.

  • In addition to the teaching work, he has hosted and participated in a number of architectural and interior design. In painting field, he has published several pieces of architectural paintings on foreign professional journals, and participated in many art exhibitions in Shanghai or in China, Several works have been collected by the relevant units. As in 1986, the work "Breakthrough" (expressing Chinese to win the first Olympic gold medal performance) has been a collection of Chinese Olympic Committee, and the posters which name was Fire Safety was collected by the Shanghai Art Museum.