QU Zhang

Assistant Professor


College of Architecture and Urban Planning

Tongji University, Shanghai, China

Research Fields

  • Architectural Programming and Post Occupancy Evaluation, Urban Regeneration in Historical Context

Research Profile

  • QU Zhang’s research focuses on architectural programing and post occupancy evaluation, and urban regeneration in historical context as well. He has published a number of papers in these fields. The research is subsided by the China National Science Foundation-Youth Program. He has published the book Architectural Programming Cooperative Mode: New Design Projects in Historic Contexts (Chinese Version). And He has translated Problem Seeking: An Architectural Programming Primer 5th Edition into Chinese, which is one of the most authoritative textbooks of architectural programming.

  • As an assistant professor in the College of Architecture and Urban Planning, QU is teaching the architectural programming courses, architectural design studio, and urban design studio (English course) as well.

  • Qu is a member of the Architectural Programming and Post-Evaluation Committee of the Architectural Society of China (ASC-APPC). He is responsible for international academic contact with other colleges and research institutions.

Grands and Awards


  • Research on Architectural Programming Pre-Evaluation Method Based on BIM Cooperative Analyzing Technology, China National Science Foundation-Youth Program, Principle, 2019-2021.

Design Awards

  • Shanghai University (Yanchang Campus) Construction and Renovation Design, Architectural -Creation Award of Shanghai Architectural Society, 2nd Prize, 2017

  • Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture Administrative Center Design, China Engineering Consulting Association Award, 1st Prize, 2015

  • The 4th Holcim Awards for Sustainable Construction, Asia-Pacific, Next Generation, 1st Prize, 2014 (International Competition)

Current Courses

  • Architectural Programming

  • Architectural Design Studio

  • Urban Design Studio (international student course)



  1. QU Zhang, Architectural Programming Cooperative Mode: New Design Projects in Historic Contexts [M] (Chinese), Beijing: China Architecture & Building Press, 2021, ISBN: 978-7-112-25947-2

Papers (selected)

  1. QU Z., ZHUANG W.M., The Logical Theory and Scientific Method of the Problem Seeking in Architectural Programming: A Study on William Pena’s Unpublished Note [J] (Chinese). Architectural Journal, 2020(2): 41-45

  2. QU Z., LU C.,New Constructions in Historical Campus from the Perspective of Architectural Programming: Case Study and Practice [C], Proceedings of 11th International Symposium on Architectural Interchanges in Asia, Japan, 2016

  3. QU Z., PENG Z., ZHOU Z.R., The Winning Project of 4th Holcim Awards for Sustainable Construction: the Post-Earthquake Reconstruction Design of Xueshan Historic Village, World Architecture [J] (Chinese) , 2015(6): 135-137