Associate Professor

C701, College of Architecture and Urban Planning

Research Fields

  • Theory and history of architecture

  • Regeneration of historic built environment

Research Profile

  • Pan Yue is Associate Professor of Architecture at College of Architecture and Urban Planning, Tongji University, editor of Heritage Architecture (CH) , international member of International Council of Monuments(ICOMOS). She received her academic degrees from Tongji University (B. Arch, M. Arch, Ph.D.). Pan Yue’s teaching and research field is history and theory of architecture, focusing on regeneration of historic built environment. Her research writings have been widely published.

Grants and Awards

  • National Scholarship for Ph.D, Ministry of Education of People's Republic of China (PRC),2017

  • Funded by National Natural Science Foundation of China(NSFC), 2022-2024

Current Courses

  • Scope of Vernacular Architecture (for undergraduates)

  • Introduction of Modern Western Vernacular Architecture (for graduates)

  • Design Foundation Course (for undergraduates)

  • Theory and History I (for undergraduates)



  1. Introduction of Modern Western Vernacular Architecture, Tongji University Press, 2022

  2. The Stones of Venice(CH), Huazhong University of Science and Technology Press, 2023(planned publication)


  1. Historic Versus in History: a Treatise of Reflections on the Regeneration and Conservation Plan of En’ning Road Historic District of Guangzhou, China; “Beyond Disciplines” ICOMOS International Wood Committee 22nd International Symposium 2019, Bilbao, Spain, IIWC.

  2. Heritage Education System in the Conservation and Regeneration Plan of Tsumago-Juku in Japan,“New Horizons in the Conservation of Wooden Built Heritage” ICOMOS International Wood Committee 21st International Symposium 2018, York,UK. IIWC.