MU Xiaohu

Associate Professor

Room 408, Building C, CAUP, Tongji Univ.

Research Fields

  • Architectural Art Theory, Tropical Building Design

Research Profile

  • MU  Xiaohu is an architectural teacher whose research focuses on systematic work of architectural art theory. His landscape architectural projects, ranging from an ordinary office building, to an experimental tropical building in Hainan province, to an explication of eco art logic concept have published in “Advanced Building Materials and Sustainable Architecture”. Mu is currently pursuing an extended study of the teaching process.  His new book about Architectural logic is writing.


  • Interpretation of a primordial design "Sha Jai Bang Eco Resort Project"

  • 《Advanced Building Materials and Sustainable Architecture》2012

  • “Cluster architecture perspective” 《Architectural Journal 》2008

  • 《The art of architecture creation》1999