College of Architecture and Urban Planning Tongji Univ., Siping road 1239.

CAUP-C712 Room,  Shanghai, 200092, China

Research Fields

  • Residential Design and Residential Development

Research Profile

  • Rural Residential Design and Development: Participated in the "11th Five-Year" National Science and technology support project " residential design patterns in different geographical characteristics", a member of the human settlements Association in Shanghai. published 4 papers  and  1 monographs.

  • Traditional Architectural Design, Completed many ancient projects, such as the  Ling Tower design in Zhuhai City and the Kaifu Temple in Changsha city.

  • Urban and Park Planning and Design. Completed many projects, such as the bridge park design in Zhangjiajie city and emergency repair center base design of power system network in Southern Hunan,

Current Courses

  • Residential Planning and Housing Design Course

  • Urban Design Course

  • Commercial and High-rise Building Complex Design Course

  • Kindergarten Design Course

  • Collection Housing Design Course


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  • Luo Lan. Discussion on planning and Design of Modern Ecological Recreation Green Space. Chinese and Overseas Architecture, 2002 (01): 30-31

  • Luo Lan. Vertical Courtyard -- Continuation and Development of Traditional Residential Architecture in Modern Residence. Urban Architecture, 2010, Vol.21 (1): 28-29

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