LIU Diyu

Associate Professor

1239 Siping Road, Shanghai 200092, China

Research Fields

  • Arichtectural Theory and Chinese Architectural History

Research Profile

  • The micro-morphology of Chinese traditional settlements: from site-adaption of vernacular architecture to built fabric

  • Architecture and settlement in the ancient painting of China

  • The review of Contemporary Chinese architecture

Grants and Awards

  • Scholarship Award for Excellent Doctoral Student Granted by Ministry of Education, PRC. Graduate Student: Liu Diyu, 2010.

  • Graduate Student’s Excellent Achievement (Dissertation) by the Educational Bureau of Shanghai, 2014: “the Townspeople-Images’ Historic and Regional Character in Ancient China: Conparison Studies of Different Versions of Qingming Shanghe Tu”. Graduate Student: Liu Diyu; Supervisor: Chang Qing.

Current Courses

  • Theory and History of Architecture, Part I (Undergraduate program)

  • History of Chinese Architecture (Graduate program)

  • Fundamentals of Architecture Design (Undergraduate program)


Scholarly Books, Monographs and Chapters

  1. LIU, Diyu. The Cities and Architects in Diferent Versions of Qingming Shanghe Tu [M]. Tongji University Press, 2014.

  2. LIU, Diyu. Rooted [M]. Jiangsu People’s Publishing Ltd, 2013.

Journal/Magazine Papers

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