Associate Professor

Siping road No.1239 Wenyuan Building Room 115, Shangha

Research Fields

  • Luminous environment

Research Profile

  • Health Lighting

  • Visual performance

  • Compositive Application of LED Lighting Technology

Grants and Awards

  1. Second Prize,excellent urban and rural planning and Design Award,Shanghai Urban Planning Trade Association, 2015

  2. Second Prize, Teaching Achievement Award, Tongji University, 2015

  3. Second Prize,National Excellent Urban and Rural Planning and Design Award,China Association of City Planning, 2014

  4. Second Prize, Yucai Education Award, Tongji University, 2013

  5. First Prize and and Best Model Award,Young teachers teaching competition, Tongji University, 2012

  6. Specific Prize, Shanghai Illuminating Engineering Society Award, Shanghai Illuminating Engineering Society, 2011

  7. First Prize, Shanghai Illuminating Engineering Society Award, Shanghai Illuminating Engineering Society, 2011

  8. Second Prize, Education Award, Tongji University, 2010

  9. Excellent Research Award, Shanghai Tongji Urban Planning & Design Institute, 2009

Current Courses

  • Interior Lighting Design

  • Architectural Design (daylighting)

  • Building Architecture


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