LI Zhen

Dean of CAUP


Room 218, Building B, CAUP, Tongji Univ.

Research Fields

  • Planning of residential area and housing design

Research Profile

  • Li Zhenyu is an architectural scholar whose research focuses on Planning of residential area and housing design. He has published more than 10 books like “City Housing City: a Comparison of Typology on the Development of Housing in Berlin and Shanghai”(2004) together with more than 40 papers and finished 10 research projects which are supported by CNNSF, GTZ( Germany), Holcim Foundation ( Switzerland) , Shanghai Government, etc. He has hosted or participated in several research projects such as Research on the typological identity of the contemporary Chinese housing”, Chinese National Natural Science Foundation Project, Chief Researcher, 2013-2016, “Key-Tech of the Social Housing Design in Shanghai”, Construction Committee in Shanghai, Chief Researcher, 2009-2011. Since 2004, he acts as executive Board member of Real Estate Research Center of Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences; since 2005, as Guest Professor of TU Berlin of Urban Design program; since 2007, as advisor of UNESCO Professor-chair of Asia-Pacific Sustainable Development. Now he is the academic committee member of the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation.

Grants and Awards

  1. 2014, Candidate Award, from Architecture Creation Award of China Architecture Association, international student dormitory of Tongji University in Jiading.

  2. 2014, Third Award, from 10th session Architecture Creation Award of Tongji Architectural Design (Group) Co. Ltd, Architectural Design of make-shift houses for disaster-stricken buildings on P05 in Zhongling Group.

  3. 2014, Honorable Mention, from Architecture Creation Award of Urban Architectural Design (2013- 2014), Architectural Design of make-shift houses for disaster-stricken buildings on P05 in Zhongling Group.

  4. Dec 2013 Excellent Design Award, from Architecture Academy of Shanghai, international student dormitory of Tongji University in Jiading,

  5. Dec 2013 Outstanding Design Award, from Architecture Academy of Shanghai, Chinese Consulate General in Munich, Germany

  6. 2013 Third Prize, Awards of Excellent Public building Design in 2013, from The Ministry of Education in China, the 2nd Experimental High school in Qingdao,

  7. Oct 2012 Gold Award of Chinese Habitat, from Architectural Academy of China, Official Mansion of Chinese Embassy in Berlin,

  8. Mar. 2012 Award for My Favorite Social Housing, from the Council of Shanghai Large Residential Community Development Office, WNW-C1 Block of LinGang in Shanghai,

  9. 2012 Silver Medal of Honor from Technical University of Berlin,

  10. Aug.2010  First Prize, Awards of Shanghai Excellent Residential Building Design Honor, from Shanghai Architectural Design Association, Block F01、02、04、07 etc of“ Block1” Community after Earthquake in Dujaingyan,

  11. September. 2005  Silver Prize, Awards of  “Weihai” international Competition, from Architecture Academy China etc.,  Housing Project “Liu An Jie Lin”,

  12. Dec. 2004 1st Class Prize, Awards of Education Shanghai, Committee of Education Shanghai

  13. Nov. 2003, Prize of “New Style” ,Construction  Ministry China, “Hu Guang Shan Se” garden in Qingdao

  14. January 2001, Prize of Residential Environment, “Habitat Beijing”, “TianYuan Garden” in Fu Zhou

  15. March 2000, Golden Award of Excellent Sample Residential Quarter of Construction Ministry China

Current Courses

  • Comparative Study on Architecture in Germany and China

  • Modern Residential Typology Study



  • “Research on standards of rural housing planning and construction for regional differences in China”, chief editor, Feb. 2013, Beijing

  • “Housing in Berlin– from IBA to the new Century”, Chief author, June. 2007, Shanghai

  • “2005/2006 Holcim awards Works of sustainable    Construction”, 2ndauthor, April 2007, Beijing

  • “Spatial Configuration of Classic Houses”, Chief author,  May 2005, Beijing

  • “City Housing City: a Comparison of Typology on the Development of Housing in Berlin and Shanghai” (1949-2002), December 2004, Nanjing,

  • “Dictionary of Chinese Garden”, one of the authors, Jan. 2001, Beijing


More than 40 Papers, for example:

  1. Li Zhenyu, Lu Bin. 4 Suitable Design Strategies on Enclosed Housing in China. UIA 2014 Durban.

  2. Dong Yijia, Li Zhenyu. The values of Low-coverage High-rise Housing for the Urban Development of Shanghai. UIA 2014 Durban.

  3. Li Zhenyu, Xu Mengya. Mini House—— A resilient Strategy in the Rapid Urban Development.  UIA 2014 Durban.

  4. Li Zhenyu, Qiu Lidan. Ecological Renovation Strategies of Workers’ New Village Housing in Shanghai. UIA 2014 Durban.

  5. Qiu Lidan; Li Zhenyu. Study on Low-tech Energy Saving Strategies in Shanghai’s Residential Design. UIA 2014 Durban.

  6. Three Transitions of Chinese residential design—Taking Shanghai as An Example,2013, Beijing

  7. Planning and architectural design of Indemnificatory housing project WNW-C1 Block 6A in Shanghai LinGang New City: typological innovation of Indemnificatory housing in China, Jan 2013, haerbin

  8. The Research on the Individualized Design of Small& Medium-sized Unit Housing in China, 2013, Beijing

  9. Transformation on the Design for Sustainable of High-Rise Residential Buildings The Case Study of Shanghai Combined Apartment Building, 2012

  10. Form Following Ecology, New Realm of Architectural Truth, Goodness and Beauty, Architectural Journal, Dec 2011 Beijing

  11. Considerations on Indemnificatory Housing Design--Taking Shanghai as An Example, Architectural Journal, August 2011. Beijing

  12. Design standards of rural housing in Yangtze Delta, May 2011, Beijing

  13. 7 Questions to Chinese Housing: Bold and Hesitant, Jan 2011, Beijing

  14. Skin Design for Eco-house in Europe, “Architectural Journal”, January 2010, Beijing

  15. Researches on Economical Housing Design and Carbon-emission Reduction, “Architectural Journal”, May  2009, Beijing

  16. “Tree major tasks of planning shaping the future—on Planning Africa 2008”, “Urban Planning Forum”,

  17. Dec. 2008, Shanghai

  18. Introduction of the Soft-Tech for economical Housing System in Yangtze Delta, “Time + Architecture”, No.2 , 2008, Shanghai