LI Xingwu

Associate Professor

308  C-Building, Architecture Department 1239 Siping Rd. Shanghai

Research Fields

  • Architectural design & Theory

  • Architectural design foundation teaching system

Research Profile

  • Research field focused on:

  • Architectural design foundation teaching system

  • the theory of architectural design

  • Chinese vernacular dwelling and living culture

Grants and Awards

  1. 1997, certified the National first grade registered architect

  2. 1997, won the third Chen Congzhou Award for Architectural Education

  3. 2000, won a golden medal of The Ministry of construction’s  city house pilot residential are’s design(Guanghe garden in Jining city)

  4. 2000, member of Shanghai calligraphy education study commission

  5. 2010, got third-prize of shanghai excellent residential area design in 2010

  6. 2010,the lesson named The basis of architectural design won the title of national  Elaborate Courses

  7. 2010, standed out in meritorious service in 2010 shanghai significant project and given credit

  8. 2014, space expressed by model——won the first prize of the basis of architectural design’s teaching reform and Practice

Current Courses

  • Design basis & principle

  • Architecture design basis & principle

  • Architecture generation & principle

  • Architecture design & principle


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  2. 1995, compiled 《tenders and bids of construction engineering》 with Xu Wei and Zhouweimin

  3. 1997,published 《Thinking of Jiangnan residential culture》 in《Architect》

  4. 1997, a calligraphy work published in《Tongji Report》

  5. 1999年 published《style and aesthetic of the town of Jiangnan Water Village》in《urban planning forum》   first author/Publication Number ISSN 1000-3363

  6. 1999,《Exploration of architectural design in the foundation teaching》   second author(Conference Paper)

  7. 2000,《Exploration of architectural design in the foundation teaching——Creative thinking training course and the main idea 》  second author/Publication Number ISBN7-5608-2219-3/G•222

  8. 2001,published 《develop individuation, inspire Creative potential》in 《Time Architecture》 third author/Publication Number ISSN1005-684X/CN31-1359/TU

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  11. 2005, published《make a fleeting visit to Armstrong Dandong port》 in 《The Grand Design》 second author /CN31-1898/TS

  12. 2007, works were selected in 《collection of Tongji university centennial》

  13. 2010, published 《freely and quiet——Interpretation of the Expo Center’s design in 2010 Shanghai World Expo》 in《Time architecture》

  14. July,2010 attended college in college——art exhibition of shanghai college teachers

  15. Aug,2010  published 《Reflection and adjustment of Sketch training in architecture education》 in 《collection of The national architectural education conference》second author/Publication Number ISBN978-7-112-12345-2

  16. 2010, “the basis of architectural design” won the title of National Elaborate Courses

  17. 2013, 《writing and space》,Xilingyinshe press,Publication Number:ISBN978-7-5508-0933-8,

  18. 2014, the painting《cloud has no heart﹒landscape has leisure》 was collected bu Shujia﹒Posuo /Xichong academy

  19. Mar,2015《Chinese contemporary artists series﹒third series﹒Contemporary Chinese ink /Li Xingwu》Jiangsu Phoenix Art Press, Publication Number:ISBN 978-7-5344-7986-1

  20. Mar 21th – Apr 3rd,2015 presented a painting exhibition

  21. Sep,2015《Chinese contemporary artists series﹒third series﹒Contemporary Calligraphy /Li Xingwu》Jiangsu Phoenix Art Press, Publication Number:ISBN 978-7-5344-7986-1