Room210, Building A, CAUP, Tongji Univ.

Research Fields

  • Parametric Design, Urban Policies

Research Profile

  • I Li is an architectural technology scholar whose research focuses on Digital architectural design and BIM. Her writings, ranging from the enterprise information construction frame theory to the specific application cases of BIM in large commercial building complex, have appeared in a number of journals.

  • LI  is focusing on the academic research of digital planning and architectural design for long-term. After graduation she specialized in the information research of architectural design and teaching.

  • LI  has a deep research on the BIM information model technology  by supporting of  the Key Laboratory of Ecology and Energy-saving Study of Dense Habitat ( Tongji University), Ministry of Education.

  • Li was also member of the review committee of CAADRIA (conference of Computer Aided Architectural Design and Research in Asia).

  • LI received her BA from Wuhan University, MA from Tongji University, and PhD from Tongji University.

Grants and Awards

  • Youth research scientific backbone training program, Tongji University, 2012

  • Central university research talents training plan,

Current Courses

  • Basic computer application(for Architecture)

  • Computer graphics


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