JIANG Jiawei

Assistant Professor

Assistant Professor

Room 504, Building C, CAUP, Tongji University

Research Fields

  • History and theory of architecture

  • Multilingual translation and writings in architecture

  • Database of architectural archives

Research Profile

  • JIANG Jiawei is a researcher and educator in architectural history. He received his Bachelor of Architecture from South China University of Technology and Master of Architecture from Tongji University. He was granted doctoral degree in architectural history and theory by Tongji University in 2019. He served as visiting researcher at Yale University, TU Wien, Pusan National University. He had made researches and travelled around China, France, Switzerland, US, Austria, Germany and South Korea since 2013. In 2015 he was sponsored by Archiposition in Shenzhen to make a month-long field trip in central France themed as “Research on Medieval French Architecture”. He has published 20 papers in journals such as Architecture China, Time & Architecture, Architectural Journal, New Architecture, Architect, etc.

Current Courses

  • Design Fundamentals I & II (undergraduate design studio, with Prof. Li Yanbo)

  • Thematic Design Studio I & II (undergraduate design studio)

  • Architectural History and Theory II (undergraduate lecture, with Prof. Zhou Minghao)

  • The Interdependence of Theory, Practice, and Criticism in Architecture (graduate seminar, with Prof. Rossana Hu)


Articles in journals

  • JIANG, Jiawei. Le Corbusier’s Object Aesthetics and Design Skills of White Cubes (1918-1930). Time & Architecture (China), No.1 (Jan 2022), pp.168-175

  • JIANG, Jiawei. A Real Encounter in Vicenza and a Passion for Corners: The “Corbusier-Palladio” Interrelation Interpreted by Twentieth-century Formalists. Journal of Architectural History (China), No.4 (Dec 2021), pp.119-132

  • JIANG, Jiawei. Notes on the Xitang Market Gallery: A Study of Integrated Steel-wood Structural Design and House Type. Time & Architecture (China), No.5 (Sept 2021), pp.76-83

  • JIANG, Jiawei. King-Lui Wu: Works and Life of An Architect. Time & Architecture (China), No.1 (Jan 2021), pp.174-181

  • JIANG, Jiawei. From Heimatarchitektur to Design Prototypes: A Review of the Practice of Architect Wang Hao in the Last Decade. Time & Architecture (China), No.3 (May 2020), pp. 64-69

  • JIANG, Jiawei. Paradoxes of Craftsmanship in Bauhaus: Discrepancy of Object Aesthetics and Manufacturing Modes. Architectural Journal (China), No.12 (Dec 2019), pp.106-111

  • JIANG, Jiawei. In between an Aesthetics of Heaviness and an Integrated Structural Design: Some Notes on Jishou Art Museum. Time & Architecture (China), No.6 (Dec 2020), pp.64-71

  • JIANG, Jiawei. The History/Theory/Criticism-Oriented Writing of Critique: A Synopsis of the 2019 Academic Newcomer Assistance Program Organized by the Architectural Journal. Architectural Journal (China), No.8 (Aug 2019), pp.114-117

  • JIANG, Jiawei. Formal Problems in Modern Design: The Deutscher Werkbund and Bauhaus. IDEAT, Jul 2019, pp.56-59

  • JIANG, Jiawei. Book Review: Towards a Critical Pragmatism: Contemporary Architecture in China. Architecture China, 2019 (Summer), p.152

  • JIANG, Jiawei. Thoughts on “Building for a New Culture” in Contemporary China. Architecture China, 2018 (Fall), pp.30-35

  • JIANG, Jiawei. A Re-reading of Beaux-Arts and Modern Architecture via Reyner Banham and Colin Rowe. Time & Architecture (China), No.6 (Dec 2018), pp.34-41

  • JIANG, Jiawei. Theory Still Matters or Not: Notes on Peter Eisenman’s Pedagogic Tour to China. Time & Architecture (China), No.3 (May 2018), pp.52-54

  • JIANG, Jiawei. Nulla Dies Sine Linea: Vita Viollet-le-Duci Pictorem. Time & Architecture (China), No.6 (Dec 2018), pp.68-73

  • JIANG, Jiawei. Jishou Art Museum, Hunan, China. World Architecture (China), No.10 (Oct 2017), pp.87-91

  • JIANG, Jiawei. The Transformation of “Neighborhood Unit” and New Urbanism. New Architecture (China), No.4 (Aug 2017), pp.17-23

  • JIANG, Jiawei. Book Review: Modern American Architectural Theories in Interviews. Architectural Journal (China), No.6 (Jun 2017), pp.119-120

  • JIANG, Jiawei. The Evolution of Formal Analysis: from Wölfflin to Eisenman. Time & Architecture (China), No.3 (May 2017), pp.60-69

  • JIANG, Jiawei. History of the Ecole de Chaillot: the Past and Today of the Heritage Preservation in France. Time & Architecture (China), No.5 (Sept 2016), p.156

  • JIANG, Jiawei. The Evolution of Post-war “Architectural Typology” and a Vague Generality. Time & Architecture (China), No.3 (May 2016), pp.52-57

  • JIANG, Jiawei. TAN, Zheng. Learning Architectonics from Urban Infrastructure. Time & Architecture (China), No.2 (Mar 2016), pp.40-45

Articles in books

  • JIANG, Jiawei. “Acceptance and Transformation of Aldo Rossi’s L’Architettura della Città in China (1986-2016)”, in Aldo Rossi, Perspective from the World. Marco Bovati et al., eds. Ilpoligrafo, Italy, 2020

Conference papers

  • JIANG, Jiawei. Le Corbusier’s Discovery of Palladio and Reinterpretations by 20th Century Formalists[A]. Conference: Palladio – From His Time to His Influences, Tongji University[C]. Shanghai, China, 2020-11-20 to 2020-11-21

  • JIANG, Jiawei. From Pictorial Illusion to Three Dimensions: A Study of Josef Albers’ Mural Paintings in Collaboration with Architect King-Lui Wu [A]. Summer Seminar in the Stiftung Bibliothek Werner Oechslin[C]. Einsiedeln, Switzerland, 2019-8-4 to 2019-8-8

  • JIANG, Jiawei. Aldo Rossi’s Reference to Ferdinand de Saussure and Reinterpretation of Francesco Milizia’s architettura civile[A]. “Zivilarchitektur”: The Seventh Conference of Architecutral Theory in the Stiftung Bibliothek Werner Oechslin[C]. Einsiedeln, Switzerland, 2018-4-19 to 2018-4-22