No. 406 Building E, CAUP, Tongji University

Research Fields

  • Campus planning, Architecture Design

Research Profile

  • Research field focused on:

  • The relevance between university form and the culture (the value orientation)  and how the various value orientation affect the university form.

  • The essential factors of university form and various organization methods.

Current Courses

  • Architectural design of Mountain sports club


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  2. JIANG Hao, The avant-garde sense of china’s contemporary experimental architecture, New Architecture, 2006/02

  3. JIANG Hao, Study on the Prototype in University Form, New Architecture, 2007/01

  4. JIANG Hao, Cultural Facilities as Catalysts in Urban Design, Huazhong Architecture, 2007/02

  5. JIANG Hao, Campus and its Design: as Collective Form, Sichuan Building Science,2008/04