HUANG Linlin


Room719, Building C, CAUP, Tongji Univ.

Research Fields

  • Architectural Design and its Theory, Residential Planning and Design

Research Profile

  • HUANG Yiru is a professor who currently serves as chair professor of the “Residence Design and Residential Planning” research group in College of Architecture and Urban Planning at Tongji University. He is a National First-Class Registered Architect, editorial board member of “Journal of Asian Architecture and Engineering”(JAABE), member of experts group of Shanghai Real Estate Association “housing industry R & D Center”.

  • Huang has been engaged in teaching, research and design practice of architectural design and its theory, mainly focuses on residential planning and design. He has published a series of monographs such as  “The Research on Some Issues about the Sustainable Development of the Urban Housing” etc., also has published over 40 academic articles such as “Five Representative Concepts and Forms Coming along with American Suburban Community Developing” etc. He has presided over the several research programs such as “the research of the design model of characteristic rural residence in different regions of China ” supported by the national "Eleventh five-Year" plan. Won the first prize of outstanding teaching achievements in Shanghai and other design prizes. Huang graduated from the department of Architecture at Tongji University, got Bachelor Degree of Engineering in Architecture Professional, Master Degree in Architecture Design and its Theory and PhD in Urban Planning and Design; He was a visiting scholar of School of Architecture in Washington University in St. Louis for advanced research and study of urban design.

Grants and Awards

  • “Basic Residence”, 2008 National Affordable Housing Design Competition, second prize, China

  • “Shanghai Dongdu International Youth City”, the golden prize, National Habitat classic architectural planning and design competition, China

  • “Gui Garden of Anhui Daoxianglou Guest House”, the first prize of outstanding architectural project design, Anhui Province

  • “Systematized Construction of International Joint Architectural Design Education”, the first prize of outstanding teaching achievements ,Shanghai

  • “Sustainable Development of Chinese Living Environment ”, the first-class award in Science and Technology Progress, Ministry of Education, China

Current Courses

  • Housing and Community Development

  • Architecture Design Studio

  • Graduation Projects

  • Fast Design Course


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