HUA Xiahong

Associate Professor

Research Fields

  • Architectural History and Theories

Research Profile

  • Research field focused on:

  • The Production and Consumption of Chinese Contemporary Architecture

  • Contemporary Architecture in Consumer Culture

  • Chinese Contemporary Architects and Their Regional Practices

  • History of Shanghai Modern Architecture

  • Vitality of Public Space for Community Complex

Grants and Awards


  1. Host “Research on Factors Influencing the Vitality of Public Space in Community Complex” Supported by NSFC , No. 51208359,Jan 2013/- Dec 2015

  2. Host “ The 60 years history of Architectural Design and Research Institute of Tongji University” Supported by Architectural Design and Research Institute of Tongji University, November 2016-November 2018

  3. Participate in“Research on the Protection of Shanghai Historical Buildings and Districts in Modern Time”No.51478317by NSFC, Jan.2015-Dec. 2018

  4. Participate in“A Study on the Origin, Development, Typology and Contemporary Re-use Strategy of Entertainment Architecture from the View of Urban Anthropology: Taking Shanghai as an Example” by NSFC , No. 51308394  Jan 2014/- Dec 2016

  5. Participate in “Research on Modernization of the Future Development of Architecture and Urban Planning Disciplines and China's City and Architecture” ,2012-2014, supported by Chinese Academy of Science

  6. Participate in “Architectural History and Theory National Teaching Team Building” 2009-2012, supported by Chinese Ministry of Education and Ministry of Finance

  7. Participate in “Research on Urban Integrated Activity Zone in Post- expo Era”(Gtz2010010, 2010-2012) Supported by Shanghai Urban Planning Administration Bureau

  8. Participate in “Technical Guidelines for Eco-towns” (08DZ1205700,2009-2010) Supported by Shanghai Science and Technology Commission

  9. Participate in “Constructing Cultural City: Comparative Research between Shanghai and Hongkong” 2012-2014 (Co-operated with Dr. Wang Jun from Hongkong Baptist University)

  10. Participate in “Research on Key Technology of Intensive Use of Rural Space” 2012-2014, supported by Tongji University

  11. Participate in “Anthropological Study of Modern Shanghai Urban Space and Cultural Identity Changes Based on Analysis of Urban historicalImages” 2012-2014, supported by Tongji University

  12. Tongji University, Teaching reform Program: “The Methodology of Academic Literature Reading and Writing in English for Junior Architectural Students” (2015/8-2016/12)

  13. Awards

  14. LIU Jiawei, HUA Xiahong, LI Ying. “A Study on the Activity Inclusion of Central Square Spaces in Community Complexes” won Excellent Paper Award in 12th International Symposium on Environment-Behavior Research (2016/10)

  15. 2013 Instructor for 2nd Prize and 3rd Prize Best Design, 7th Building Festival, CAUP, Tongji University

  16. 2012 Best Teaching Award, CAUP, Tongji University

  17. 2010 Instructor for 2nd Prize Best Design, Post-EXPO Development in Urban Best Practices Area (UBPA) of Shanghai EXPO 2010

  18. 2009 Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Award from Shanghai Education Committee and Shanghai Academic Degree Committee

Current Courses

  • Course for Undergraduates:

  • Architectural Design ( for 1st and 2nd year)

  • Building in Texts: Academic Reading and Writing (in English, Tongji-UNSW Dual Bachelor Degree in Architecture, 1st and 2nd year)

  • Design Reading Guide and Forum(for  1st and 2nd year)

  • Course for Graduates:

  • Theories of Architectural and Urban Space (with Prof. ZHENG Shiling, Prof. SHA Yongjie)

  • An Introductory course on Studies of Modern Chinese Architecture: Paradigms and Themes (in English, with WANG Kai)


Books or Chapters in Books:

  1. HUA Xiahong, Michelle Qiao, Kató Siegfried, Boglarká Lukács.Shanghai Hudec Architecture. Tongji University Press, 2013

  2. Luca Poncellini & Júlia Csejdy, László Hudec (Chinese Version),translated by HUA Xiahong & Michelle Qiao. Tongji University Press, 2013

  3. Shanghai Urban Planning Design and Research Institute/Shanghai Xiandai Architectural Design Group/ College of Architecture and Urban Planning of Tongji University, The Green House. Tongji University Press, 2014.

  4. Shanghai Urban Planning Bureau & Shanghai Urban Construction Archives eds. Hudec’s Architecture in Shanghai. Shanghai Popular Science Press,2008 (Chinese Text mainly By Hua Xiahong)

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Articles in Journals

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