College of Architecture and Urban Planning
  Tonji University 1239 Siping Rd. Shanghai 200092

Research Fields

  • Furniture and Furnishings,Interior design、Architecture design

Research Profile

  • Spatial and furniture design

  • Patterns and Textile

  • Commercial Complex

Current Courses

  • Furniture and Furnishings

  • Interior Design

  • Architecture Design


Involved in the preparation of:

  • 《Nordic Architectural Sketches》(From Artek to Paustian)China Electric Power Press, 2008/10,ISBN:9787508376172

  • 《InteriorDecoration Design》 (chapters about furniture and furnishings), China Labour and Social Security Publishing House(CLSSPH), 2005/06,ISBN:9787504549969

  • 《Anthology of Residential Housing Design》 (chapters about furniture and furnishings), 1999/10,China Architecture & Building Press, ISBN:9787112037568

  • Article:《Model and Creation》. Interior design and construction 1999/2 ISSN1005-7374