DONG Chunfang

Associate Professor

Room 408, Building C, CAUP, Tongji Univ.

Research Fields

  • Architecture, Architectural Design and Theory. Architectural Design Methodology, High Density Development and Architecture Coexistence.

Research Profile

  • Dr. Chunfang DONG started his undergraduate courses of architecture speciality in Department of Architecture Tongji University from 1981, and received successfully the Degree of Bachelor, Master and PhD of the same major in Tongji University. He has been working in Department of Architecture Tongji University since he got Master Degree in 1989.

  • He has been long engaged in researching and teaching of Architectural Design Methodology. His main research interests are High Density Development and Architecture Coexistence. He has published a monograph titled Architecture to High Density, and he has also written over 40 influential theses on the most authoritative publication such as Architectural Journal and World Architecture. Simultaneously he has been of abundant experiences of design for architecture, planning and urban design. Dr. Chunfang DONG has got remarkable achievements on researching, teaching and designing.

  • Dr. Chunfang DONG was once a visiting scholar in the University of Hong Kong and had a study tour in several European Countries. He cooperates on researching, teaching and designing with Osaka University Japan, University of New South Wales Australia and so forth.

  • He has been a National First Class Registered Architect in China since 2000, and has been a Professor Grade Architect in Tongji Architectural Design (Group) Co.,Ltd.

Grants and Awards

  • DONG Chunfang, Multi-layer Settlement, First-class Award, UPDISCC 2013 “10×10×100” Design Competition, Shenzhen, 2014

  • DONG Chunfang, Renovation of 0.8 Shikumen Style House on Tangshan Road, Shanghai, China, 2013. WA Awards for Chinese Architecture 2014.

Current Courses

  • High Density Development and Architecture Coexistence. For graduate students.

  • Architecture Design (II). For graduate students (international course).

  • Design Studio and Graduate Design. For grade 3-grade 5 undergraduate students.




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