Room 313, Building C, CAUP, Tongji Univ

Research Fields

  • Green Design, Interior Architecture

Research Profile

  • CHEN Yi, full professor of CAUP of Tongji University, member of Academic Committee of CAUP, National License Architect of P. R. China, visiting professor of Pavia University of Italy, Council Member of The Architectural Society of Shanghai (ASSC), Member of Environmental Art Design Committee of China Artists Association.

  • He is the deputy director of the Professional Committees of Interior and Exterior Environmental Design of ASSC; deputy director of the Committees of Decorative Design of Shanghai Decorators Decoration Association. Over the years he has been engaged in the design and study of ecological architecture as well as interior and exterior environmental design, involved in some major research programs.

Grants and Awards

Main Awards (since 2010):

  • Person in charge, The Renovation Project for the Old Campus of Taizhou Middle School in Jiangsu Province, 2nd Prize of 2013 Excellent Architectural Design, Ministry of Education of P.R. China

  • Person in charge, The Renovation Project for the Old Campus of Taizhou Middle School in Jiangsu Province, 3rd Prize of 2013 Excellent Public Building Design, China Exploration and Design Association

  • Participant, Decoration Project of 1·29 Building in Tongji Campus, 2014 Architectural Creation Silver Prize of Architectural Society of China

  • Person in charge, Dongtan Low-Carbon Agricultural Park in Shanghai Chongming Island, Finaliste, Prix du Jeune Tolent Chinois de la Construction Durable, by La Region Rhone-Alpes and Time + Architecture, 2010

  • The textbook “ Principles of Interior Design ” classified as the Excellent textbooks for Shanghai universities and colleges, 2011

  • The course “Principles of Interior Design” classified as 2010 Shanghai Excellent Courses

Main Grants (since 2010):

  • Research on the low carbon architecture design method based on the calculation and evaluation system of carbon emission---taking office buildings in Yangtze Delta as examples, NSFC 51278338

Current Courses

  • Principles of Interior Design (lectures)

  • Architectural Design (design studio)

  • Interior Design (design studio)


Main Books (since 2010):

  1. Chen Yi, Young Interior Architects in Shanghai---Tongji University Interior Design Discipline Graduates (in English),Santarcangelo di Romagna: Maggioli Editore,2014

  2. Chen Yi,Gao Naiyun, Zhang Yongming & Shou Qingyun, Sustainable Design for Chinese Rural Housing, Beijing: China Architecture & Building Press, 2013

  3. Chen Yi & Zheng Shiling, The Buildings of World Exposition, Shanghai: Shanghai University Press, 2010

  4. James P. Warfield, Chen Yi (translating), The Architect’s Sketch, Shanghai:Tongji University Press, 2013

Main Papers (since 2010):

  1. Xia Bing, Chen Yi, Current Situation Research on the Design Process and Methods of Low-Carbon Architecture---Questionnaire Survey on Chinese Architects, Housing Science, 2015(02):20-25

  2. Tang Qi, Chen Yi, Brief Discussion on Protection of Railway Heritage, Housing Science, 2014(12):21-24

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