Associate Professor

Room 415, Building C, CAUP, Tongji Univ.

Research Fields

  • Detail Design, Building Technology

Research Profile

  • CHEN Juan is an architectural theorist whose research focuses on intersections of architecture design and building technology. His writings, ranging from architecture design, to detail design, to building technology, have appeared in a number of journals including Times+Architecture, New Architecture. CHEN is currently pursuing an extended study of building technology history in Shanghai.

Grants and Awards

  • 2004 the book "Architectural Detail Design" won the third honor of TongJi University outstanding textbook Honors

  • 2006 awarded “Young Skeleton Teachers" of TongJi University

  • 2007 the course "Architecture for Buildings" awarded "Fine Courses in Shanghai"

  • 2010 selected as member of "the Third Session of the Architectural Society of Chinese Architects Branch Construction Technology Professional Committee"

Current Courses

  • Architectural Design

  • Architecture for Buildings

  • Application of Building Construction


  1. Translator of 《The Grammar of Architecture》 (ed Emily Cole) published by Shanghai Peoples Fine Arts Publishing House 2003

  2. Translator of 《The Architectural Detail—Dutch Architects Visualise Their Concepts》(ed Melet) published by Fujian Science and Technology Publishing House 2005

  3. Author of 《Architecture Details Design》 published by Tongji University Publishing House 2002/2008(2th edition)

  4. "Details Everywhere" published in 《Times+Architecture》2005/03 PP34-9

  5. "Is God still in the detail?——on the contemporary Dutch architecture detail design" published in 《New Architecture》2006/02 PP55-61

  6. "Architectural Surface/Surface Architecture" published in 《New Architecture》2008/05 PP50-6

  7. "Graduation design "Consulate General of Pakistan in Shanghai"——the integration of tradition and modernity" published in《Interior Architecture of china》2008/67 PP220-7

  8. "The winding of rationalism and romanticism——on modern architectural thoughts and contemporary detail designs in Holland" published in 《Interior Architecture of china》2008/70 PP156-65

  9. "Localization of Material Representation——On the Contemporary Continuation and Renewal of Traditional Materials in Quanzhou" published in 《New Architecture》2010/06 PP54-9

  10. "The Contemporary Representation of Climatic Elements in Traditional Quanzhou Buildings" published in 《New Architecture》2011/05 PP90-93

  11. "Positive details and negative details" published in 《New Architecture》2013/05 PP113-7

  12. "Real Reality and Visual Reality——From Structural Exposure to Structural Expression" published in 《New Architecture》2013/06 PP128-32

  13. "Abstraction and Animation of the Detail" published in 《New Architecture》2015/01 PP114-18