Associate Professor

Room 308, Building C, CAUP, Tongji Univ.

Research Fields

  • Narratives of land transactions in historical area, Fundamental design

Research Positions

  • CEN Wei is an associate professor whose research focuses on the narratives of land transactions in historical area. His writings, ranging from a genealogy of land transactions in downtown area, to renovation of waterfront in historical area, to the education of fundamental design, have appeared in a number of journals and conference. Cen is currently pursuing an extended study on generative mechanism and strategies of traditional village based on genealogy of land transactions, research that includes his essay, ' Discourse on Contract Practice Concerning Space: An Alternative Reading of the Urban Space ', published in Time Architecture; and research on Australian Architectures with the essay, ‘Refuge and Prospect, to be with Glenn Murcutt’, published in Architects. He is the member of the Architectural Society of Shanghai China. He is also coordinator of both TJ-UNSW Bachelor Dual Degree programs and TJ-TU Berlin Master Dual Degree.

Grants and Awards

  • Teaching award of Feng Jizhong Education Foundation, 2014, Tongji University

  • Shanghai outstanding engineering design, third prize, 2010, Shanghai Exploration & Design Trade Association

  • Outstanding student works tutor, Fundamental Design–Structural Design of Bridge, 2009, National Academic Guidance Committee in Architecture

  • 2010 annual excellent engineering projects, second prize, Housing and Urban Construction Bureau Sichuan

Current Courses

  • Introduction to Design Theory

  • Introduction to Architectural Theory

  • Design Fundamentals

  • Architectural Design-1


  1. Refuge and Prospect – to be with Glenn Murcutt, Architects(169), 2014/06

  2. Buildings or More Likely Installation Arts – National Pavilions of the Expo 2010 Shanghai, Time Architecture, 2010/03

  3. Start from Workshop, Experience of Joint Design, Collections of 2010 National Academic Conference on Architectural Education, 2010

  4. Waterfront from Back to Front – Taking the Suzhou Creek of Shanghai as an Example, Urbanism and Architecture, 2010/02

  5. XXIII UIA World Congress – Transmitting Architecture to the World, Time Architecture, 2008/03

  6. Discourse on Contract Practice Concerning Space – An Alternative Reading of the Urban Space, Time Architecture, 2004/05

  7. Trace-back Narratives of space in Shanghai Old City - Based on documents of 128 land transactions from 1778 to 1953, Collections of the 3rd Chinese Urban Housing Conference(049), 2003

  8. Red Age – Liu Jiakun's Writing on Urban Space, Time Architecture, 2002/05

  9. Residence Renewal and Life Form Rebuilt in the East Middle Huaihai Road, Shanghai, MO Tianwei, CEN Wei, Urban Planning Forum, 2001/04

  10. Salutary Influence of Education – On the Ideas of Professor Mo Tianwei on Architectural Education, ZHANG Jianlong, CEN Wei, Urbanism and Architecture, 2011/03