“CAMPUS Asia” Online Debriefing Meeting


On March 26 afternoon, Tongji University, Kyushu University and Pusan National University jointly hosted an online debriefing meeting of “CAMPUS Asia” program.The “CAMPUS Asia” Program is an educational collaboration between China, Japan and Korea to train a new generation of leaders of Asia. The project aims to nurture future leaders of East Asia with global competence and thorough understandings of East Asian values.


Tongji Director of “CAMPUS Asia” program, Deputy Party Secretary of Tongji University, Prof. Peng Zhenwei; Vice Dean of CAUP, Prof. Geng Huizhi; Kyushu Director of “CAMPUS Asia” program, Prof. Akihito Ozaki; Pusan Director of “CAMPUS Asia” program, Prof. Lee Inhee, attended the meeting. There are more than 40 teachers and students from the three universities joined the meeting.




At the beginning of the meeting, Prof. Akihito Ozaki of Kyushu University first delivered a welcome speech to express his great affirmation to the achievements made since the launch of the “CAMPUS Asia” program, and thanked the faculty and staff of the three universities for their hard work and efforts. Then Prof. Lee Inhee, Prof. Peng Zhenwei, and Prof. Geng Huizhi respectively expressed their thanks and delivered speeches.




Afterwards, the teacher representatives from the three parties respectively gave speeches to review and summarize the implementation of the double degree program, non-degree student exchange, winter camp and summer camp exchange activities involved in the “CAMPUS Asia” program, and made suggestions on the future work plan.




Each student from the three universities shared their leaning experience of participating in the program, and their own cultural experience abroad. Finally, it announced the establishment of the alumni association of the “CAMPUS Asia” program. Each university designated a student as the alumni contact person. Nie Dawei is the Tongji contact person of the alumni association who was nominated to Kyushu University as a double degree student in 2019.