Built Heritage in the international context includes architectural, urban and landscape heritage in urban and rural environments, containing a variety of historical and cultural information. Under the huge influence of globalization and informational networks, the demands for social and economic sustainability pose the challenges of how to deal with the production of built heritage in its historical environment, and how to understand the conservation of built heritage in relationship with future urban and rural development.


In order to face these new challenges, and due to growing attention from academia and society, there is a need for new discussion forums around the preservation and regeneration of built heritage. Therefore, the Architectural Society of China and Tongji University will host the International Academic Forum, Built Heritage: A Cultural Motivator for Urban and Rural Development. During this event, the organization will have the opportunity to celebrate the inauguration of The Academic Committee of Urban and Rural Built Heritage of the Architectural Society of China, and the presentation of the Built Heritage Journal.


1.       Theme and Topics

1.1    Theme

Built Heritage: A Cultural Motivator for Urban and Rural Development


1.2    Topics

Heritage Preservation:

Contemporary discussions about authenticity are influencing the ways preservation should be approached depending of different cultural contexts. Taking into consideration the referential character of the Venice Charter, papers on this topic should address issues ranging from advancements in preservation theory to the development of new preservation methods and techniques. 


Heritage Regeneration:

Globalization is having a lasting influence in the built environment, challenging the ideas of heritage production and heritage conservation which are implicit in regeneration processes, due to increasing pressures coming from the fields of tourism, real estate markets and the new creative economy. Papers on these topics should point to recent advancements in heritage conservation theory and practice, as well as methods of heritage conservation management.


Heritage and Society:

Critical heritage studies have recently pointed to the complex relationships between the definition of Authorized Heritage Discourses and the growing significance that bottom-up approaches to heritage are achieving in contemporary societies. Especially in the age of informational and social networks, traditional methods of identification, value assessment and conservation planning are being challenged by the acknowledgement of the rights of civil society to participate in the construction of heritage. Papers on this topic should address issues such as inclusive development in heritage conservation, citizen participation and the new economy of heritage in the 21st century.   


2.       Sponsors

Architectural Society of China

Tongji University


3.       Organizer

College of Architecture and Urban Planning Tongji University


4.       Forum Dates

7 - 10 April 2017



7 April 2017


Non-local participants check-in

8 April 2017  


Local participants check-in.

Opening ceremony and keynote   lecture


Academic sessions

9 April 2017  


Academic sessions


Academic sessions

Closing ceremony

10 April 2017

All day

Site visit


5.       Location

College of Architecture and Urban Planning, Tongji University, 1239 Siping Road, Shanghai


6.       Registration

Participants in the Academic Forum need to submit the inscription form (see below) to the Organizing Committee. The attendance fee to the Academic Forum is 1000 RMB. Post-graduates will benefit of a 40% discount in the register fees.   


7.       Guidelines for participants and submissions

7.1    The deadline for paper abstract submission is 25 December 2016*. Abstracts should have 300 to 400 words and they should include 3 to 8 keywords.

7.2    The acceptance of abstracts will be confirmed before 10 January 2017**. The application form and paper template will be sent to participants after acceptance.

7.3    The deadline for paper submission is 20 March 2017. The participants will be requested to send their papers in Word and PDF format in accordance with the template to facilitate the edition of the Academic Forum Proceedings.

7.4    The official languages for paper submission and presentation are Chinese and English. The organization will provide simultaneous translation service to the participants of the Forum.

7.5    The organization will edit and publish the Academic Forum Proceedings. Selected contributions to the Conference will undergo peer review for publication in the journals Architecture Heritage (CN10-1071/TU) and Built Heritage (ISSN 2096-3041).

* The deadline for paper abstract submission has been extended to 8 January 2017.

** For abstract submitted before 25 December 2016, the acceptance will be confirmed before 10 January 2017. As for abstract submitted after 25 December 2016, the acceptance will be confirmed before 15 January 2017


8.       Scientific Committee

Honorary co-directors:  Zheng Shiling, Ruan Yisan

                   Co-directors:  Chang Qing, Benjamin Mouton

Reviewers: Dai Shibing, Plácido González Martínez, Han Feng, Lu Yongyi, Shao Yong, Zhang Song,  Zhou Jian


9.       Contact us

9.1    Conference organization

Liu Yuting:  021-65982383       Huang Feiran : +86 021-65982193

9.2    Paper Submission

Zhu Yiyuan:  021-65982383      Huang Feiran: +86 021-65982193

9.3    Email



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Architectural Society of China

Tongji University